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  • Tags for handcrafted garden tools by local design duo, Le Jardinet
    Tool Tags
  • Row Marker Marketing for local design duo, Le Jardinet
    Garden Row Markers
  • Garden Dibber Marketing for local design duo, Le Jardinet
    Garden Dibber
In the Spring of 2014, Karen and Andy Chapman of Le Jardinet launched a beautiful line of products. Hand turned from locally sourced materials, their one-of-a-kind garden tools speak for themselves. Read more about their story and learn more about their hand-crafted garden tools available for purchase here.
The challenge posed was to produce tags, flyers, and promotional postcards to tell the story while allowing the dibblers and row markers to shine.
Following the success of the venture, Andy Chapman broke off to form his own ‘branch’ business – Stumpdust.
Photography by Karen Chapman of Le Jardinet